Cemetery Commission

Sherman Allen, Sr, term ends 2020
Wayne Bowen, term ends 2021
Martin Davis, term ends 2022
Dean Bennett, term ends 2018
Dale Carpenter, Sr, term ends 2019

Sale of Lots
Hillside Cemetery, contact Richard Colburn, Sr., Sexton, (802) 723-4833
West Village Cemetery, contact Sherman Allen, Commissioner, (802) 895-4251

Grave Location/Burial Arrangements
Please contact Richard Colburn, Sr., Sexton, (802) 723-4833

Prices are as follows:
-Full lot $1,000
-Half-lot $800
-Cremation lot $500

Cemetery Policies: No graves are to be opened after November 15th or before April 15th. No shrubs or bushes will be planted on lots in any cemetery. All Flowers will be removed before the first cutting in the spring. No green burial. Thank you.

2016 Commission Meeting
To be held Friday, May 6th at 7:00pm at the Town Clerk’s Office
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Minutes 05.06.2016