Bernie Pepin, Road Foreman

5063 VT Route 105
West Charleston, VT 05872

(802) 895-2932

Better Roads Grant Application – East Echo Lake Rd (Awarded 6/2016)

Town of Charleston Road Inventory & Capital Budget Plan (2014)

NEW Culvert Policy: It is the responsibility of a property owner to buy, install and maintain driveway culverts. For any driveway entering a Town highway, property owners must consult with the Road Foreman, who will determine the required culvert specifications (never smaller than 15 inches in diameter per state standards, but some installations require a larger size). If a property owner fails to install the appropriately sized culvert, the town highway crew may cut a ditch across the driveway to maintain proper road drainage. Adopted June 11, 2015

Highway Right-of-way: Under Title 19, Section 111, “Prohibits Encroachments of the Towns Right-ofWay Without Approval,” objects in the town’s right-of-way are places at the owners’ risk and the Town assumes no responsibility for any damage to objects placed in violation of the state statutes.

Parking: No motor vehicle may be parked within the traveled portion of any town highway within the town of Charleston. Vehicles will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Plowing Snow: State law prohibits plowing, blowing or shoveling of snow across or onto a Town or State highway. Violators may be subject to a fine or penalty and may also be liable for damage to property, vehicles, and any undue cost to the town for removal of this snow. In addition, the actual cost for the specific equipment and manpower use to remove this snow may be charged to the private property owner, with a minimum charge of one hour per Road Department personnel and equipment. The town cannot take responsibility for damage to mailboxes.

Please take down fences before winter: The Road Commissioners request that landowners take down roadside fences before the winter plowing season. The highway maintenance crew will “wing back’ snow as needed, and the town is not responsible for damage to any objects, including fences, in the right of way.