Town Officers

Moderator 1 Year Jean Wilson 2018
Town Clerk & Treasurer 3 Year Teri Gray 2019
Selectboard 3 Years Larry Young 2020
Glenn Peterson, appointed (Dean Bennett resigned) 2018
Meghann Carter 2019
Listers 3 Years Robert Wilson 2020
Jean Wilson 2018
Stephen Wilson 2019
Town Auditors 3 Years Janice Bowen 2020
Michael Morelli 2018
Diana Marckwardt 2019
School Auditors:  state law eliminates this office
Delinquent Tax Collector 1 Year Grace Frizzell 2018
First Constable 2 Year Jonathan Bruce 2019
Second Constable 1 Year Edward Brown 2018
Cemetery Commissioners 5 Years Sherman Allen, Sr. 2020
Wayne Bowen 2021
Martin Davis 2022
Dean Bennett 2018
Dale Carpenter 2019
School Directors 3 Years Patrick Austin 2020
Jason Brueck 2019
Jonathan Bruce, Resigned 2018
Town Agent 1 Year Julianne Woolard 2018
Town Grand Juror 1 Year Meghann Carter 2018
N.C.U.H.S Director 3 Years Peter Moskovities 2018
Appointed Officers:
Truant Officer Orleans County Sheriff
Welfare Officer Julie Lamoureux
Town Fire Warden Blair Moulton  2021
Tree Warden Justin Taft
Fence Viewers Dexter Bennett
Darald Moulton
NVDA Board Rep. Teri Gray
NEKWMD Board Supervisor Patrick Austin
Poundkeeper Duane Moulton
Surveyor of Wood & Coal Michael Currie
Health Officer Martin Davis
Road Commissioner Dean Bennett, Meghann Carter, Larry Young
Road Foreman Bernie Pepin
Assistant Clerk & Treasurer Colleen Kellogg
911 Coordinator Jean Wilson
Planning Commission John Kellogg, Jayson Benoit, Dean Bennett, Eleanor Leger, Blair Moulton
Subcommittee on Solar Options Tom Jensen (Chair), Jason Brueck, John Kellogg, Diana Marckwardt, Peggy Stevens, Dan Whipple, Penelope Newcomb
Hazard Mitigation Plan Committee Pat Austin, Dean Bennett, Jayson Benoit, Tom Jensen, Colleen Kellogg, John Kellogg, Jamie LeClair, Bruce Melendy, Duane Moulton, Bernie Pepin, Larry Young
Elected at General Election:
Justice of the Peace Sherm Allen 1/31/2019
elected at General Election Wayne Bowen 1/31/2019
Meghann Carter 1/31/2019
Peter Engels 1/31/2019
Jean Wilson 1/31/2019