Jean Wilson, Head Lister, term ends 2021
Stephen Wilson, term ends 2022
John Westinghouse, term ends 2023

Phone: (802) 895-2814

Homestead Declarations
Homestead Declarations (Form HS 122) must be filed annually by April 15th if:
-You are domiciled in Vermont
-You own and occupy your property as your primary residence

For more information about Vermont Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustment, or to file online, please visit VT Dept of Taxes

2020 Grand List (Property Values as of April 1, 2020)
Notice of Listers Working: The Charleston Town Listers are currently updating the 2020 Grand List. Properties that have had new construction, renovations or changes in the past year will be considered. Given the COVID 19 virus concerns and limitations, there will be no interior inspections. We are asking for cooperation for this task via exterior inspections and/or phone and email conversations with property owners. We anticipate lodging the Grand List before June 1, 2020. If you have any questions, please leave a message at the Town Clerks office, 895-2814, or feel free to email us at

2019 Reappraisal
Reappraisal Notice
Official Notice of Change of Appraisal (all parcels)
2019 Grand List has been lodged (6/4/2019)
Grievance Request Form

Current Tax Maps
2019 Charleston Parcel Maps