Emergency Operations Center

March 27, 2020 Update

At its weekly call, members discussed the following:

The Fire Department has banned all burning until further notice. Please be aware that burn permits are required in Charleston, but will NOT be issued for now in order to protect residents, firefighters, and prevent unnecessary calls. CVFD needs additional protective equipment like masks and gloves. If you have information about available resources, even small ones, please share here or with Duane Moulton directly.

Charleston Elementary School is getting meals and school work to students by pick-up and bus delivery. Meals are available for all children ages 1-18. Call the school at 895-2915 for sign-up and details. A cooler or tote is needed outside for no-contact bus delivery, or meals can be picked up at the school between 8 and 11 am. Grocery sacks and boxes may be needed by the school in the near future. If you have information about these resources, please contact the school.

In this in-between season, the highway crew is checking roads and responding to problems but not working their regular hours. You may not see them out and about as much as usual, but they are on the case as needed. Please report urgent problems with the roads to the Town Office.

The Town Clerk’s Office remains closed, but staff are available by phone, email, and mail during regular hours. Residents are also encouraged to contact the town office if you know of community needs or information that you would like to share with the EOC.

All town residents are urged to comply with the Governor’s Stay-At-Home order—currently until at least April 15th—and the White House’s guidelines to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus (click here), which have been extended to April 30th. Thank you.


Update: March 23, 2020

On Friday March 20th, Charleston activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as provided for in the town’s emergency management plan. This brings key town officials together to share information and take necessary action in response to the COVID-19 national emergency. Members are: Fire Chief Duane Moulton; Selectpersons Peter Moskovites, Larry Young, and Pat Austin; School Principal Chris Lawson; Planning Commission Chair John Kellogg; Town Clerk Teri Gray; and Asst. Clerk Colleen Kellogg.

The town has formally notified state and local emergency management of the activation. This will connect Charleston to state and federal resources in the weeks and months ahead, including FEMA supports as these become necessary.

The town’s EOC members are in regular communication with each other and will help coordinate communication with town residents using charlestonvt.org, Charleston Coffee Facebook group, Charleston Elementary website and phone network, and other channels as they are available. Residents can contact the EOC by calling or emailing the Town Office, 895-2814, or townofcharlestonvt@comcast.net.

For the present, town residents are urged to comply with the White House 15-day period (click here) to try to lessen the spread of this very potent virus. Thank you.