Planning Commission

John Kellogg, Chair
Blair Moulton, Clerk
Hap Eliason
Eleanor Leger
Carmen Murray
Selectpersons are ex-officio members


Charleston Town Plan renewal – Recommended for approval by NVDA 2/5/2019

Charleston Town Plan – Adopted 2/28/2013  

Charleston Parcel Maps 2019

Planning Commission Regular Meetings are held quarterly at 6:30 pm at the Town Clerks Office, on the same night as a Selectboard Meeting. The 2019 schedule is: March 14, June 13, September 12, and December 12.

Business may be brought before the Planning Commission at a meeting, by submitting written comments via the Town Clerk, or by email to


Penelope Newcomb, Chair
Jason Brueck, John Kellogg, Diana Marckwardt, Peggy Stevens, Dan Whipple, and Tom Jensen (consultant)

Subcommittee on Solar Options – Final Report

Background on the Proposed Charleston Solar Project


Charleston All-Hazards Mitigation Plan adopted by the Selectboard on 01/05/2016