Planning Commission

John Kellogg, Chair
Blair Moulton, Clerk
Hap Eliason
Eleanor Leger
Carmen Murray
Selectpersons are ex-officio members


Charleston Town Plan renewal – Recommended for approval by NVDA 2/5/2019

Charleston Town Plan – Adopted 2/28/2013  


Planning Commission Regular Meetings are held quarterly at 5:30 pm on the same night as a Selectboard Meeting. The remaining 2021 schedule is: June 24, September 23, and December 30.

Business may be brought before the Planning Commission at a meeting, by submitting written comments via the Town Clerk, or by email to


Charleston All-Hazards Mitigation Plan Update DRAFT Dated February 9, 2021(Submitted for review to Vermont Emergency Management)

Charleston All-Hazards Mitigation Plan adopted by the Selectboard on 01/05/2016